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Rewarding your Loyal Customers

We all know that Clubs need members to survive, so how do you look after them and encourage retention? You reward them for their loyalty.

And it’s not just for traditional Clubs like the local RSL or Golf Club. In fact many retail outlets offer loyalty programmes and member rewards and most hospitality venues can do the same. Regulars are like members and deserve to feel special.

Capturing just a few key contact details can be enough to initiate a campaign targeting your loyal regulars, who are often the best word of mouth marketing tool available to you. Keeping your customers “in the good books” will result in positive reviews, either in your socials, on your website or just through good old fashioned coffee table talk.

All the point of sale solutions offered by Total POS Solutions have the functionality to enhance your customer experience via mix & match deals, loyalty campaigns, happy hours, or special pricing.


POS Loyalty is a core part of the SwiftPOS (POS) feature base that allows you to generate vouchers and provide ongoing loyalty points and promotions for your loyal customers/members. Don’t use manual or third party systems, your POS should do it and track everything that goes along with it.  Automatically generate a voucher for their next purchase or the next coffee or drink free and let the members/customers know that your POS loyalty system will be there to make sure they are being looked after.

“Studies have shown that it costs 6 to 7 times more to acquire a new customer than keep an old one, outpacing your competition depends upon having a loyal tribe of happy customers.”


Loyalty points can be manually allocated to an item to enable customers to accumulate a pre-determined number of points and later use these points to purchase items. 

Loyalty Points can be assigned to menu items across an entire ‘Price Level’ using the ‘Price Level Loyalty’ feature in OfficeMate. Both ‘Earn’ and/or ‘Redeem’ factors can be set per price level and any customer categories assigned to each price level will automatically attract these points.”


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