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Local POS Support and Installation - Based in Tasmania

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We are leading point of sale technology experts.

Total POS Solutions deliver smart, simple, affordable Point of Sale systems and solutions that make doing business easy. Based in Tasmania but catering for clients Australia-wide, chances are we have some seriously smart Point of Sale systems that can fix your problems and add value.

✓   Based in Tasmania

✓   On-Site Installation and Support

✓   Integrate with Existing Systems

✓   Supports many Industries


What we offer


What We Do

We make the complicated stuff feel easy.

With us everything will feel seamless. We do the research, configuration and implementation and translate the technology for you so it’s easy to understand and use. Most importantly, you can look forward to everything working on launch day! We also offer training so you will have confidence in your new service.

✓   Well Established

✓   Partners with Leading Systems

✓   Comprehensive Training

✓   Local Support


The People


Kerry Johnson

I just love working with our customers to solve problems and deliver solutions. Having grown up in private enterprise and travelled extensively in a National role I love sharing what I’ve learnt and being able to pass on experiences.

My hobby (today) is motorcycles of the vintage, classic and modern varieties (not sports bikes). I’ve always had a passion for all things mechanical and particularly high quality, so this fits nicely although it can easily consume many hours in the shed. A great pastime and riding them on a warm summers day is very enjoyable.

My biggest personality quirk is ‘attention to detail’. I like to have things right, dot the I’s and cross the t’s and it’s one of the values that I like all of our staff to adopt, that’s what makes us who we are

My food and drink of choice is Italian with a big red. A fan of Syrah / Shiraz, but I also like some of the lighter styles like Tempranillo, but not a big fan of Pinot"


Kathleen Delaney
Point-of-Sale Solutions Consultant

I enjoy working with customers to create a Point-of-Sale solution that works for their business - getting to know how the business works and what they need to achieve, and then finding the right solution and making it work for them. My specialty is hospitality and being able to keep in contact with the industry, solving problems and keeping it running smoothly, makes my job as enjoyable as it is challenging!

My hobby is either knitting, or spending time with friends playing Dungeons & Dragons

Catchphrase or meme that sums up life for you? “Make it bend — trees are flexible, so they don’t snap. Scar it, give it a twisted branch — perfect trees don’t exist. Nothing is perfect. Flaws are interesting. Be the tree.” ― Laurie Halse Anderson, Speak

On my days off I like to spend time with my family, Sunday lunch is not an optional activity!


Zack Adaszynski
Business Systems Consultant

My goal is to assess the difficulties clients face in the often challenging world of business and provide solutions whether they be Inventory Management, CRM or e-Commerce among other things. Most of all I enjoy the diversity of the businesses I get to work with.

On my days off I like to take any opportunity I can to get outside and moving

My hobbies are bushwalking, gym and programming

My food of choice is fried teriyaki chicken sushi


Ernesto Visbal
Business Solutions Consultant

Understanding clients’ business processes and translating them into the right technology solution is what I most enjoy of this profession. There is always something to learn in every implementation, building-up experience and knowledge for upcoming projects.

If I could spend an hour treating myself, I would be at a Caribbean beach looking at the horizon while having a mojito.

My hobby is cooking and spending time with friends.  

If I could create my own job title, I would be a tech-mixologist.

My food of choice is Middle Eastern.


James Macrobert
Business System Consultant

You can find me wherever anything technical is required, whether it be planning, implementing or troubleshooting; or hardware, software or cloud. I enjoy the variety of my work but particularly making sure clients are happy with their solutions.

Highly versatile, there is rarely a problem I cannot tackle. I enjoy resolving difficult problems and will often be found installing, tweaking or troubleshooting.

My biggest personality quirk is adapting my environment to suit my needs.

If I could create my own job title it would it be “The Fixer”

My drink or food of choice is Chicken Soto.

The catchphrase or meme that sums up my life is Okie Doke.


Jen Hui
Business Systems Consultant - Accounting and Administrative Support

I look after all things relating to accounting and in particular accounting integrations to link our client’s different products to make life easier for them.  I enjoy working with different clients from different industries, no two projects are ever the same.

My hobby is baking and cooking

Food of choice are cakes and pastries

On my days off I like to visit farmers markets, potter around at home in the kitchen and spend time with my dogs at home.


Cathy Gibson
People and Culture Adviser and General Business Support 

My role is to support staff and oversee professional development needs to ensure great customer service. I also manage policy and procedure development and provide general business support. I enjoy putting things in place to help staff do their job well.

My hobbies are gardening, dancing, bushwalking and international travel.

My drink of choice is the very specific Ritual coffee with Milk Lab almond milk

Catchphrases that resonate with me are “Think globally, act locally”, “Be the change you want to see in the world”, “It is what it is!”

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