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Point of Sale Solutions shaped and serviced in Tasmania 

Smart · Layaways & On-Account · Accounting Integration · Cash Management

A smooth, simple sales experience for your customers.  

The retail industry is perhaps more fiercely competitive than it ever has been. So, pleasing customers and retaining their loyalty has never been more important. An effective point of sale solution is key to success.

Once they've made that purchase decision, your customers want payment to be simple, and they want options. 

From EFTPOS sales, on-account sales, gift cards, online sales or just placing a hold until customers have the cash, we work with you to offer the payment methods and channels your customers will appreciate.

We offer comprehensive local support, based in Tasmania.

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And, a more powerful system for your business 

We can supercharge your business and make your POS system do more of the heavy lifting for you.

If your retail business has dozens or even tens of thousands of products to manage we have a tailor-made solution for you. We support single or multiple outlets with single or multiple registers. All our systems are intuitive to use and training is straightforward and simple.


As the only local POS provider in Tasmania, when you need supplies or further customisation to support growth, we can be on your venue doorstep fast.


With our experience and system knowledge, we offer a range of point of sale systems that can unlock the potential of any sized retail business. 


Why choose us?  

  • We are across a huge range of POS systems, we find the right fit 

  • We have shaped and fitted countless retail point of sale systems so we know how your industry works 

  • Local, knowledgeable, responsive technical support  

  • Fast turnaround of approx. 10 business days for simple set ups 

  • Less stress with no DIY and access to supplies locally 

Inventory and Customer Management

​Our retail point of sale solutions take the headache and accuracy issues away from the management of your retail store. Automatically track inventory movements from purchase orders, inventory transfers between outlets and stock counts. Always have the data on hand to make informed purchasing and inventory forecasting decisions.

Do all your inventory management including purchasing in a single cohesive system to eliminate double entry and then push purchase orders to your favourite accounting software.

Manage your customers with a centralised database allowing many unique opportunities for growth. Establish seamless customer reward programs with loyalty points, special pricing based on customer groups and other methods. Take advantage of your customer database by launching targeted marketing campaigns quickly and easily to grow revenue.


Ask us how your point of sale could be working harder for you. With some tweaks and customisation, there’s always potential we can unlock.

Integrations that could run a small nation

When everything clicks, it means smoother operations, streamlined processes and speedier service. It also means that you can reduce the administration time drain significantly with a few tweaks here and there.

Ecommerce integrations are an area we specialise in. Do you want an internet presence and multiple sales channels with all the software seamlessly talking to each other to reduce administration time and error? We have multiple solutions for your retail business. We support point of sale integrations with all the most common Ecommerce platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce and more.

We also support integration with popular accounting solutions such as Xero and MYOB.

Save time at the checkout and remove the possibility for costly errors at the Point of Sale with integrated EFTPOS. We support Tyro and some of the most popular banks EFTPOS systems.


Unlock the full potential of your Point of Sale solution with these integrations and more:


Get a Solution Made for You

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