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Arts, Tourism & Accomodation

Point of Sale Solutions shaped and serviced in Tasmania 

Online Booking · Feature Rich · Easy to Use · Online 24/7 · Integrations

Complex operations made simple to manage 

When everything in your industry is becoming harder to manage, we can help. With the right POS system or some improvements to your current one, we can make bookings, sales, reporting, payments and marketing easier. With the right POS system shaped for your business needs, managing daily operations becomes smoother, faster and simpler. And with more powerful reporting, making decisions and finding opportunities comes more easily. 

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Online event bookings, ticket sales and appointments made easy

Does your business need online booking functionality for events, tours or appointments? Or maybe an improvement to your current processes? It is more important than ever to have a fluid, centralised booking management system to maximise your customer experience. Our solutions can cut administrative time and costs all while being intuitive and easy to learn.

We can help you launch an integrated customer-facing website to accept bookings and payments. Use a single platform to manage your bookings and reports. Get access to an integrated calendar of bookings, customer database and much more.

Allow us to introduce a new booking processing system into your business to reduce management costs, time wastage and double-entry all while increasing your online presence and customer base.

Accommodation booking

The accommodation sector has been hit hard by our recent global challenges. So, pivoting and being ready for anything is crucial. Stripping back expenses, saving time and having things operating as smoothly and automated as possible makes doing business easier.

Our accommodation booking solutions are easy for customers to use and for staff members to manage. Based in the cloud and available 24/7, manage your property or function bookings anywhere that has internet available on almost any device. Capture guest history and booking requests so you are able to form positive experiences which will likely result in good reviews of your business. Our solutions support group bookings and comprehensive reporting.

We offer accommodation booking solutions with multi-channel management which provide a centralised location to manage multiple listings over multiple websites (e.g. Tripadvisor and Expedia). This removes the frustration that can result from double bookings and the increased administrative overheads. When rooms are booked, all your channels will be updated automatically to reflect booking availability.

​99% of the Tourism, Accommodation and the Arts businesses we come across can get more potential out of their POS system. Request a call back and we’ll tell you how.  


If your business has a complicated requirements such as requiring chargebacks to customer's rooms when purchases are made on site, integrations with accounting software or some other requirement. We have the solutions and experience to solve it. We have an extensive history in the hospitality POS and booking space and can form an integrated solution to make transactions seamless.


Integration between systems greatly reduces administrative costs and frees up your time to focus on other areas while you can be confident that your integrated systems will do the hard work and be error-free.

How great POS system integrations can benefit your Arts, Accommodation or Tourism business:  

  • Get real time data to make more informed business decisions 

  • Reduce the time you spend doing administration 

  • Speed up your sales process time – customers can get in and out 

  • Make payments smoother and offer more options for payment

  • Offer peace of mind when booking  

  • Streamline processes – smoother customer experience and easier to keep things organised 

  • Reduce/remove entry errors easily because we are all only human 

  • Maximise your e-commerce capabilities to attract more customers and identify new opportunities faster 

  • Use your data more intelligently to understand your customers better and increase sales  

Unlock the full potential of your POS solution with these integrations and more:


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